About Us

Queens of archive is an independent brand run by women, for women.


Born from vintage influence and female empowerment we create timeless, feminine, easy-to-wear dresses inspired by a bygone era. We keep our styles current, using bespoke prints and fabrications sourced and designed in-house.

Launched in 2020 we sought to enforce a sense of positivity for our customers resonating with many of them in our shared love of show-stopping pieces, elevated styling and an inspirational identity.


We pay homage to the Queens of yesteryear who paved the way for us all by naming our dresses after them, proving that any woman can not only be interested in fashion and style but also ooze intelligence, embody strength and be a legendary trailblazer.

Our dresses are individual, limited, tell a story and embody the Queens who wear them.

Nicola & Sarah